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"I thought a musical was being made"

Tue, 18 May 2010 to Sun, 23 May 2010
Next Wave
I knew no one would do anything, no one ever does.

In 1964 Kitty Genovese was stabbed to death in New York City, as 38 people watched from their apartments.

"I thought a musical was being made" is a new public performance by visual artists Jess Olivieri and Hayley Forward, with their ever-changing team of collaborators: the Parachutes for Ladies. The project uses the Genovese case and the myths surrounding it as a jumping-off point, exploring expectation, apathy and the effect that group behaviour has on the individual's perception of reality.

38 audience members will watch from windowsills far above the crowds, as a series of on-the-street movements are combined with a live soundscape, played through each viewer's headphones.

The Genovese case sparked a public furore and one of the first media frenzies of our times, generating a modern parable that stretches far beyond the facts. The murder itself was overshadowed by outrage over the inaction of the witnesses, with one witness stating he thought a movie was being made to explain his lack of intervention. In this case, the crowd became a force for disempowerment and ultimate inaction. In the words of Kitty's killer, "I knew no one would do anything, no one ever does."

Jess Olivieri and Hayley Forward with the Parachutes for Ladies

Capacity is limited, advance booking is recommended.

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