Tender Napalm

Wed, 19 Jun 2019 to Sat, 29 Jun 2019
Scuti Productions presents the South Australian Premiere
I could squeeze a bullet between those lips. Point first. Press it between those rosebud lips. Prise it between your pearly whites. Gently. I wouldn't break a single tooth.

Tender Napalm is a high-impact, high-concept two-handed play which explores the landscape that is a relationship between a man and a woman. Explosive, poetic, brutal and ultimately redemptive, the play weaves a compelling theatrical tapestry to re-examine and re-define the language of love.

“A frighteningly clear-eyed, viciously funny and deeply sensual examination of the way love shipwrecks us on a desert island from which there can be no rescue…it digs the loam of memory and explores how lovers create their own stories and mythologies, Ridley's play is completely and dizzyingly of itself. The writing seethes and burns. It goes not just into the bedroom, but into the mind, the secret places that we hide from everyone except lovers. Seldom has sexual love been explored on stage with such ferocious honesty, brutality and melting tenderness. Language is both a consolation and a weapon used to penetrate and castrate in 80 unflinching minutes so intimate you want to avert your eyes.” – The Guardian

Directed by Rachael Williams
Starring Mark Healy and Carol Lawton

There are currently no performances on sale for this event.

Please be advised this event contains strong language and sexual references

Theatre Bar Opens 7:00pm
Show Starts 8:00pm
Finish Approximately 9:20pm (no Interval)
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