FEAST 2018: The Measure of a Man by Gavin Roach

Thu, 22 Nov 2018 to Sat, 24 Nov 2018
Gavin Roach and Holden Street Theatres
How do you measure a man?

Is it the way he walks? Is it the way he talks? Or is it the way he f*cks? Does he have to be hung, uncut and thick? Or just somewhere in between?

After successful seasons in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Hobart, Brisbane and Prague, Critically acclaimed queer artist Gavin Roach returns to Adelaide with the second instalment of his Anxiety Trilogy, The Measure of a Man.

Told in Gavin’s humorous, raw and deeply candid style, The Measure of a Man will plunge deep into the heart of one man’s sexual anxieties and dare to ask the question “If you’re a gay man who can’t have sex, what worth do you have?”

Don’t miss the chance to connect with this bold, powerful and cathartic reflection on sexuality, masculinity and liberation.

There are currently no performances on sale for this event.

Show Duration: 50 minutes
Content Rating: 15+
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