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Private Dances

Wed, 12 May 2010 to Sun, 16 May 2010
Next Wave
Private Dances is all about intimate encounters with dance. One on one performances, private rooms and damn good dancing all fan out from an exquisite central banquet. Through the course of the evening audiences are invited to eat, drink, talk and work their way through a formidable selection of live dance and dance on screen.

Featuring a diverse cross section of super-fine work by a new generation of top-notch dancers, choreographers and dance film makers, Private Dances houses individual works in a series of tiny private rooms. These rooms envelop one audience member at a time, enfolding them into each artist's world before sending them back to join the banquet.

This is not your average dance/theatre project. It's an immersive and celebratory event showcasing the work of 20 emerging dance artists and encouraging people to be brave in conversation about dance. And its not just about contemporary dance - Private Dances will include performances and films that are culturally and stylistically diverse, taking in krump, highland, contortion, and beyond...

Fri 14 - Sun 16 May shows include complimentary food and drink.

Preview on May 12 includes complimentary drink only.

Natalie Cursio: Concept, curator, producer

Film makers:
Kristy Ayre/Nick Roux;
Sarah-Mace Dennis
Sam Fox
Paula Lay/Mischa Baka
Jimmy McGilchrist
Cobie Orger

Live performances by:
Gabrielle Nankivell
Atlanta Eke
James Welsby + Amy Macpherson (Phantom Limbs)
Lily Paskas (with Kristiarne Anthony, Sacha Ham Bryning, Kanwalgeet Singh and Dave Macdonald)
Jarred Dewey
Jerome 'Pretty Ruff' Tanuvasa
Frankie Snowdon (with Madeleine Krenek and Tyler Hawkins)
Hee Eun Jeong
Radhika Krishnamoorthy

Rose Connors-Dance: Lighting Designer
Eugyeene Teh: Set Designer
Simon Kingsley Hall: Maitre D
Martyn Coutts: AV and Stage Manager
Emily O'Brien: Production Manager
Laura Levitus: Assistant Producer

Food: Bird Man Eating
Drinks: Innocent Bystander and White Rabbit

Image credit
Jimmy McGilchrist (production stills from film A pocket full of posies)
If you provide your mobile phone number, any last minute changes to your selected performances can be sent to you via sms.

There are currently no performances on sale for this event.

If a performance is no longer available on-line due to imminent start time, you can check at the door for availability.
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